SuperLig® Products

Selective Separations

Based on Nobel Prize winning chemistry , Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT) is a highly selective, non-ion exchange process, using specially designed organic chelating agents or ligands. The MRT process utilizes supramolecular, “lock and key” or “host guest”, chemistry as a basis for its high selectivity.

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AnaLig® Products

Laboratory Sample Prep

AnaLig® products are small diameter solid phase particles (100 – 200 mm 60 – 100 mesh) consisting of a metal-selective MRT ligand chemically bonded to solid supports such as silica gel or polymer substrates.

AnaLig® products, usually in column format, are used to carry out highly selective separations on target species preparatory to analytical analysis of these species. AnaLig® products are effective in removing ions in complex feed solutions to mg/L to µg/L concentration levels. Traditional separation techniques are ineffective at these low concentration levels.

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MacroLig® Products

Chelation Chemicals

MacroLig® products consist of a range of specialty chemicals, including crown ethers, calixarenes, aza-crown ethers, cryptands, and tetraaza-crown ethers. Due to their unique properties, these products are used in a wide variety of laboratory and industrial scale applications in, for example, the research, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, catalysis, and nuclear markets.

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